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Forever Captured Photography bio picture

 I am Sheila, the photographer at Forever Captured Photography. I am a newborn photographer in Saskatoon sk as well as a Calgary Newborn Photographer.

I am a mom to four boys and one girl.. We have a house full of love and chaos. I have a love for Pepsi Max and a weakness for chocolate swirl cheesecake.

My style of photography leans to an artistic and dramatic side which creates works of arts out of the portraits I create that make them timeless and have created strong emotional feelings when they have been viewed.

The main focus of my photography is Newborn Photography. There is something special that happens at newborn sessions.. a sense of calm. It takes time, experience, patience and love to capture newborns.

As a mom of five and after photographing over 100 newborns I am confident we will capture amazing images of your precious baby.

Thank you for considering Forever Captured Photography to capture your moments...

Take care


 Forever Captured Photography specializes in Newborn and Wedding Fine Art Photography.

To book a session please call 306-221-5290
Serving the Saskatoon, Sk and Calgary AB areas

Ellison | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

Some photographers are very particular and focused on a certain age with newborn photography. I too prefer them to be in the first week or so but I also won’t say no to any age.. And to be honest I love the challenge.. because I know that I will get beautiful images and a sleeping baby… They always fall asleep eventually lol.
Here is Ellison… she was stubborn but I was more stubborn and won and we got some AMAZING images!!

To see more work please come visit my new site at Saskatoon Newborn Photography

Maddox | Newborn Photographers in Calgary AB

Mom and dad weren’t sure if Maddox would sleep for his session as he usually was awake in the afternoons and after we got some family pictures afternoon had come but we managed to get him sleepy and capture some amazing images! I am so thankful for a fresh new year and a fresh start as I have had some amazing sessions so far this year!!
Thanks for allowing me to capture these images!!
To see more work please check out

To see more Calgary Newborn Photography check out my site at Calgary Newborn Photographer

Miller | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

I loved working with mommy on Miller’s session. She was a great assistant and it was almost like she could read what I was going to do next and anticipated it.


Are you loving what you saw and hoping to see more Saskatoon Newborn Photography? Please check out my work at Saskatoon Newborn Photography

Rocco | Newborn Photography Saskatoon

I met mommy and daddy about 4 years ago and have grown with them and their family. I got to shoot their engagement and wedding photos as well as big sister’s newborn pictures and now little Rocco!
We got some really amazing work together!

Scorpio | Saskatoon Pet Photographer

Little Scorpio is the new baby in our lives and he is a handful of sweetheart… and claws lol..
I have tried to have two sessions with him and he isn’t a very willing participant…One day..

Neve | Saskatchewan Newborn Photographer

I travel all over Saskatchewan to meet and photograph new little babies..
Neve brought me out to Dinsmore and I did feel at one point in my trip that I was in the middle of nowhere. On the way back I tried to be a tourist in Outlook and check out the walking bridge but it was closed.
Neve was a little angel during her session and had quick snacks and then posed like a perfect poser!!

Oliver | Newborn Photographers Saskatoon

Little (big) Oliver arrived on Boxing Day and he was a big boy especially for being a first baby! Mommy handled it like a champ and we had an awesome session!
For the last while all the babies wanted to be awake and just not settling and I was actually feeling discouraged and wondering why my old tricks weren’t working anymore..
This year I have been blessed with two newborn sessions with sleepy babies that went really well!! Thank you Oliver and mommy and daddy for making our session go so well!!

Cold Blustery Family Time | Saskatoon Family Photographers

It was mild in temperature but the wind with windchill made up for our family time outside… But we all braved it and got the shots we needed for our Christmas Mini Session.
The gallery is up for them to see!!

Azriel | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

Azriel wanted mommy and mommy only during our sessions… We did manage to get some sleepy shots but they were hard fought lol … I have to say she is probably now to date the most stubborn baby to get to sleep… Everytime I thought YES she is sleeping her eyes would pop open again lol…

Lincoln | Newborn Photographer Saskatoon

I had the honor of capturing mommy and daddy’s engagement session and wedding as well as big brother’s newborn photos so I have really grown to know and love this family!
They are so fun and carefree and just a huge joy to be around… me and big brother even sat at the table and ate some lunch together :)