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Forever Captured Photography bio picture

 I am Sheila, the photographer at Forever Captured Photography. I am a newborn photographer in Saskatoon sk as well as a Calgary Newborn Photographer.

I am a mom to four boys and one girl.. We have a house full of love and chaos. I have a love for Pepsi Max and a weakness for chocolate swirl cheesecake.

My style of photography leans to an artistic and dramatic side which creates works of arts out of the portraits I create that make them timeless and have created strong emotional feelings when they have been viewed.

The main focus of my photography is Newborn Photography. There is something special that happens at newborn sessions.. a sense of calm. It takes time, experience, patience and love to capture newborns.

As a mom of five and after photographing over 100 newborns I am confident we will capture amazing images of your precious baby.

Thank you for considering Forever Captured Photography to capture your moments...

Take care


 Forever Captured Photography specializes in Newborn and Wedding Fine Art Photography.

To book a session please call 306-221-5290
Serving the Saskatoon, Sk and Calgary AB areas

Creative Minds | Saskatoon Grad Photographers

My niche and first and foremost love is newborns hands down.. But I also love doing teens as well. I love that with this session my creativity juices were allowed to flow. We got so many amazing pictures from our time together. Paige wants to be a photographer one day too and from looking on her wall in her bedroom she is going to be amazing at it!
We first met when she was about 7 yrs old and she had a fashion sense all her own back then already. She was feisty and full of spunk and she is turning into a fine young woman. She just got her first job and life is moving on quickly like it seems to do for all of us.
Thank you for allowing me this time together again and I really hope we meet again for your grad session!
Enjoy these gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl!




Secret Keeper | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

I am the worst secret keeper ever.. Even with Christmas and birthdays I want to give the presents right after I buy them.. I have been keeping a secret for 7 wks… That is a huge record for me!
Around January I think a few worlds are going to change.. Most importantly it will be my oldest son’s and his wife to be…
I was never in a hurry for this moment to happen because I didn’t want to admit I had ever aged beyond 19 lol… But then when my friends from high school who all had babies after me started having grandchildren even then I was like heh, not ready…
But around 5 or so months ago whenever Miranda would call I would always ask is there something you want to tell me?? And it was always no….until the day before Mother’s day….
As I am on this journey of loving myself I have been doing a lot of thinking.. I always over think everything. But there is something really surreal when you enter into the realm of this new path… The thought of a second generation having a piece of you involved in their makeup… Its pretty cool.
I am super excited for this new change in their lives and can’t wait to be a part of it.. Thinking thoughts like am I going to be overbearing… not involved enough…taking too many pictures…. giving too much or too little advice… The worry never ends its just a new chapter of it.
Congratulations guys!!!




Are you looking for someone to capture a cute pregnancy announcement for you? It is complimentary with your booked Maternity and Newborn combined package..

My Daughter Hates Me And Other Stories they don’t tell you before you have kids | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Tonight my daughter hates me.. I called my mom tonight to check in and see how she was feeling and she asked how I was… And I replied, well Katie hates me… And she said you hated me plenty of times too… Yup I remembered and it took til my first child was about 13 ish to realize what my mom put up with with me and for me to appreciate her efforts when I was too busy hating all those years ago… Funny how it comes back to bite you… A few times.

You see tonight I didn’t have time to take her to buy a phone even though just before all this I drove all the way across the city to pick up her soccer uniform and sat in the stands for her 1 hour 2o min game to watch her team kick butt. Nope I was the bad guy because first of all I made her go to her game that she was too tired to go play in even though she played one of her best games and scored twice… And now at 10:39 pm I still hear her up in her room watching a video….

We are never going to please our children all the time and that is a good thing. We are not meant to be their friend and buddy. They need us to guide them and direct them and love them even when they hate us. And from hearing that my mom dealt with it too and now I am forever sorry I did that to her myself and one day my girl will too… Especially when she has children of her own. I will gladly remind her of these moments when she wasn’t fond of me.

Here is my princess when we did her grade eight grad pictures and she loved me a little more than she did earlier tonight lol
Love her…


Worried about Your Maternity Session | Saskatoon Maternity Photographer

Who has a closet full of stylish dresses when they are pregnant? I have more stylish clothes for maternity sessions now than I ever did when I was pregnant. I may have actually only had one dress and I looked like a house in it lol…
I was never a cute pregnant lady….Ever. Tried 5 times and not once was cute my thing.
I have been shopping and adding to the selections I have for a small to medium sized mommy to be.
Do you know where I found them all? At Urban Planet.. You don’t always have to shop at Maternity Stores to get beautiful clothes for your growing belly. :)
I have made a gallery of pictures that you can find on my Facebook page at
Maternity Gallery
And I will share a few here as well. I was very lucky to meet this mommy to be who is new to Saskatoon and was so generous to model for me. Her little boy came just a few weeks later.




Reach For the Stars | Saskatoon Grad Photography

I remember high school even though it was many many moons ago. I remember not trying and not caring about my grades or what I was learning from it. I also remember right after graduating and thinking now what am I going to do?

I had dreams as a teenager that one day I would own my own business, but it was going to be a novelty store not a photography business. I remember thinking about a year after grad wishing I had taken a whole different major in high school that would have taught me all the starting tools for business.
Now more than 20 yrs later I am just starting to work on building my tools for a business because my life changed in many ways after high school… one of them being I became a mommy at 19 and a half and spent the next 16 yrs being a mommy to my family that grew to five kids.

Some of today’s youth have a whole life planned out before they graduate. They already know the next step they are going to take in the journey of life. I am envious of them because even today I have no idea where I will be in 5 yrs. With that said I am going to make a few goals in the next week for what I want to achieve in the next 12 months.
It will be neat to see down the road how many of them come true. I am a big believer in goals and achieving them.. If you believe and have the will it will definitely happen.

So for today’s grads Reach for the Stars, Set Goals and Achieve them! Make your dreams come true!



Full Moon and Other Signs | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Tonight is a full moon along with today being the first day of summer. Signs are everywhere aren’t they. I am totally not a believer in horoscopes at all but I remember once driving with a friend back from Edmonton and she read me the characteristics of my “birth sign” and I thought ya ok…. But as she kept reading it really did have a lot of my characteristics down to a tee..

What I find interesting when I am doing newborn sessions and I do several babies born within the week of each other and good or bad they will often have the same characteristics be it they slept like angels the entire session ( that actually only happened once in the spring of 2015) or they all will be quite jumpy, or don’t like their hands touched or are all extremely gassy. It is quite interesting and can be a huge challenge. I remember at toward the end of 2014 I had a string of Scorpios lol and in all honesty I was truly ready to give up newborn photography. None of these babies would settle AT ALL and none of my usual tricks worked at all. I started to lose faith in myself and my capabilities.

It’s funny how that works too… if a baby is having a hard time and none of my tricks are working my common sense tells me the baby is not having it.. it’s just not a good day for them… but my inner self beats myself up a bit and says why couldn’t you do it? You have lost your touch… The mind of a perfectionist, the unfortunate part is it is always on and it’s not always nice.
With that said it’s time for bed and Happy Summer to all!!
Hopefully with the full moon all the mommies due will have quick safe deliveries tonight!


Happy Father’s Day | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

Dad’s are pretty special guys aren’t they?

I want to wish all the daddies out there young and old a Happy Father’s Day… some men out there have no idea yet or are just finding out that really soon they are going to be a Father to a little person on their way so a very special wish for them too!

They are the first man that your little girl learns to trust and love. They are a hero to little boys. In children’s eyes they can do so much and they are like a hero!

My dad gave me a lot of special times. I have two older sisters and two older brothers and I am the baby. Supposedly I was a little mischievous as a child lol and would fuss after the other kids were all in bed and dad would come get me out of bed and let me play on the floor with him. hee hee

He also took me to a lot of great movies and took us kids to the first Star Wars movies while mom walked around the mall waiting for us to be finished. She probably enjoyed the peace lol

When I was around 12 and 13 every Saturday morning I would rush to get my chores done so I could go with him to town to get groceries and the mail.. That was our special time. He would also play street hockey with us kids and that was always a blast.

We often take that time and those memories for granted. Until we become a parent ourselves and realize how special they are and the older we get the more special it all is. I have really come to know how special my parents are in the last couple of years when I really got the chance to actually visit them without my kids there when I went there a couple of years ago and it really changed everything. My thoughts , my feelings and my understanding. When we are younger we fill our thoughts with a lot of assumptions and when we get older and we go through struggles with our own kids we have those a - ha moments and have clarity and understanding of why they did what they did when we were too busy being mad because after all they were being so mean.. Now I understand it was actually love and caring.

Some of my favorite poses during the Newborn session are the baby in daddy’s hands… The small against the strong is such a beautiful and amazing contrast.



Pricing | Saskatoon Newborn Photography

The dreaded subject of Pricing. You see I often get an email and the only question in it is about pricing. I actually get a little sour taste in my mouth when I get an email like that. Why?
I feel I have a very unique style of Newborn Photography that the first question I hope more for is are you available? We have to have you. In honesty I really feel it is what we value is what we spend. I have had clients who I know had to save their nickels and dimes to have me capture their baby. Believe me if I could do this for free I probably would. I LOVE doing Newborn Photography. I love capturing one of kind pictures of your precious baby, meeting new families.
But I am a mom to 5 and 4 of them still live at home and I need to feed them too.
I cringe when people say I am not in their budget, in some ways I totally understand but I also feel my work does not scream cheap or budget friendly either.
But I want you to come to me again because you LOVE my style and you HAVE to have me capture your baby no matter what. In all honesty my pricing is right on par with the other top newborn photographers in my area and if you knew what you knew after your session before we started I think you would totally understand and ask why we don’t charge more actually.
What goes into my pricing?
Number one…. Experience
I have been specializing in Newborns for about 8 years now. I have captured over 300 babies in that time. That equals out to a lot of experience in the care and handling of your child as well as understanding and reading their signs of hunger, gas, comfort etc.
Number two…. Equipment and Props
My camera bag alone has over 10,000 dollars of gear to make sure we get amazing pictures.
Number three…… Props
This will be another post but a lot of my props are one of a kind that you will only be using if you hire me to capture your baby. Some props are several hundred dollars each so that you really do get a one of a kind prop.
Number four….Convenience ( I come to you)
You don’t even have to leave your home. I load into my car a full van load of props and essentials for our session including wraps, props. hats etc… Then I unload them at your house and reload them into my car when I leave and unload them when I arrive home.
If you have a small child as well this alone is worth a priceless amount that your other child isn’t getting antsy at a hot studio waiting and waiting and waiting. They can play with their own toys and go down for a nap as needed in their own bed and you can rest on the couch while I take care to capture your baby.
It is also very handy if you are isolated at home after a c-section and can’t drive or it is the middle of winter and you live an hour away.
Number five…. Patience
If you have ever had a baby before and done a newborn session you will totally understand and get this. A ton of patience is needed with a newborn because they are totally in charge… and if they are not having it they are not having it. I am there for the count and then some…. And if baby is really just not having it I guarantee I will come back another day to finish up and have had to do this countless times. I have a set amount that I need to capture for me to be satisfied that I have done my job.
Number six…. Quality
Each picture is edited with the utmost care as I look at each one for sharpness and fine details zoomed in at 100 and even 200 percent to make sure I edit the finest of details and each picture is edited in such a way to give it the dark richness you enjoy from my style of photography.

So if after reading all that you realize the value you are getting with your newborn session I want you to know that if you are struggling to come up with the money that I am totally happy to work out a payment plan for you. It could be split into two or even three payments. The most important thing is to capture those pictures before it is too late. So please don’t hesitate to call or message me and ask me about the payment plan. We can make it work!
I also accept credit cards now.
Another idea as well if you are expecting and having a baby shower before the baby arrives you could tell your friends and family that they could help out with a newborn session for your little one. We can create a registry in your name and everyone who wants to can contribute to your baby’s newborn photography session.
I love each and every one of my clients and each one comes with a story and a memory that sticks out from our session. I drive by your neighborhood and I always remember the little one I captured there.
I treasure your baby. newborn_photography_in_saskatoon


Grateful | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

I am on a journey. Yes I know, life is a journey but I am fully aware of the journey right here right now. I have been given much to think about and process and learn from… I know that number one is family and I am so very grateful for mine. I have found after probably years of running from it, when it comes down to it.. Sometimes family is really the only thing you can truly count on. I have really learned that in the last year. I have observed the love between my parents in a new light to only just in the last week really figure out what I could have and should have learned many many years ago as a child.. I am grateful that the a - ha moment has finally arrived.
The other part of my journey is finally learning to accept me for who I am and that I am enough.
These last few months my mom has had some health issues and it really opened my eyes at how strong a bond to your mom really is.. it really doesn’t matter how old you are… she is always and forever your mommy. I realize that now, more than ever. With that I finally understand the love my children have for me. I have always had a hard time accepting that they could possibly love me so much… I kind of always wondered … Why?
So I am truly open to what this journey will provide for me because I see it will change my work in a good way. I know that sometimes I dwell on sad and stressful times and that of my Art that blooms from it. I am excited to see where it takes me now that I grow in my journey.
I was at a session yesterday with a young mom who was me 22 yrs ago with my first two kids. I observed her and watched with admiration at the total control she seemed to be in her situation as well as her plans for the future. I only wish I had it together all those years ago like seems to now.
Here is one from our session

The Perfect Day - A Love Story | Steinbach Wedding Photographer

I grew up in Manitoba and never actually liked to go back to visit. You know those hometown feelings when you felt you never really belonged or fit in? I have as of late had more of a desire to go home now that I realize how precious family can be and how long time friends are to be treasured.. My longest friendships stem back to my hometown.
I got to tell one of my good friend’s story of love by photographing her wedding day. It was an amazing day full of emotions and love. She told me their love story as we were pre prepping for her day by checking out locations where we would do their photos. Perfect love doesn’t always come during perfect circumstances but perfect circumstances in another way will bring you together.. You see there is sunshine after the storm. And sometimes trials and tribulations are blessings in disguise. And this story is a true blessing.
On their special day the winds and weather also weren’t in our favour but we made it through and spent our time indoors capturing amazing pictures. The location was amazing too. It was in an old garage that has been converted into an event center now. Neufeld Garage in Randolph Manitoba was the special place for their ceremony, reception and formal pictures as well.
It was an incredible day and fun was had by all and I don’t think anyone had a dry eye during this emotionally charged wedding day.