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Forever Captured Photography bio picture

 I am Sheila, the photographer at Forever Captured Photography. I am a newborn photographer in Saskatoon sk as well as a Calgary Newborn Photographer.

I am a mom to four boys and one girl.. We have a house full of love and chaos. I have a love for Pepsi Max and a weakness for chocolate swirl cheesecake.

My style of photography leans to an artistic and dramatic side which creates works of arts out of the portraits I create that make them timeless and have created strong emotional feelings when they have been viewed.

The main focus of my photography is Newborn Photography. There is something special that happens at newborn sessions.. a sense of calm. It takes time, experience, patience and love to capture newborns.

As a mom of five and after photographing over 100 newborns I am confident we will capture amazing images of your precious baby.

Thank you for considering Forever Captured Photography to capture your moments...

Take care


 Forever Captured Photography specializes in Newborn and Wedding Fine Art Photography.

To book a session please call 306-221-5290
Serving the Saskatoon, Sk and Calgary AB areas

Fear: The Path That Led Me Here / Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Fear / Anxiety / Panic
People don’t really talk about it but I can usually spot it a mile away by the way people look or act or even in their hands. Why? Because I lived it in full. I think back now and realize I always had an anxious side… When others were excited about field trips or special days at school I would have a stomach ache.
I would never use the bathroom at school no matter how bad I had to go. I have never liked change yet I desire it so bad at times.
It never made sense.
But looking back now it all makes sense. Some women have post partum depression. I had post partum anxiety. I would have vivid dreams after my babies were born. Vivid BAD dreams that were so real, and with each child they were different, but all so real.
The height of my anxiety came at different intervals but a really high time was after my second child was born and I clung to him like he was a safety for me. It was so bad I remember a one month period where I couldn’t even leave the house I had become a prisoner of anxiety.
Another time was when I was expecting my fourth child and I had to sleep with the light on and tv or stereo going because then I wouldn’t have those bad dreams because to me they only came if it was dark.
I tried counselling but all it felt like was me telling my story over and over again and never really getting anywhere. A friend recommended a book that I recommend whole heartily to anyone else that is suffering called From Panic to Power by Lucinda Bassett that really helped me. I avoided going the drug route except for when I had to face one of my worst fears… Being in a car on the highway. That was the worst. If you wanted me to go in the car anywhere other than in town I had to psyche myself for days before and then an hour before I would take gravol and one tiny pill under my tongue called Ativan. Then I would sleep the entire time so I didn’t have to face the fact I was in the car … and I had to play a certain CD by Faith Hill lol and don’t you dare try to change the music when you thought I was sleeping because I would know, lol
I hated feeling this way and it controlled every aspect of my life. I couldn’t go to school functions for my son because I didn’t like crowds and not being able to escape if I needed to so I would go to the dress rehearsal instead of the actual evng concert. I could never be the field trip mommy because I couldn’t go on the bus.
Why am I telling you this? Because our life experiences are what makes us who we are. And it shapes us and creates our inner beings of who we are.
When we moved to Saskatoon right after 9/11 and I got pregnant with my fourth it was one of the highest points for me of this anxious existence. Here my parents were coming to visit and I was expecting a baby and I was an anxious ball of panic. That is when I bought the book.. I saw no beauty in this new city we lived in and I just didn’t enjoy my life at all.
I went on to have my little girl and then one more boy after and still not loving where we lived.
But shortly after Christmas we got a digital camera and I started to take pictures of the kids. And as I did that my skills got better and we got to upgrade to a DSLR and I fell in love with photography. I would go to different events and take pictures and saw the beauty of the city through the fog and as my passion grew my anxiety faded. It was amazing and therapeutic.
As my skills grew I started to take pictures of other peoples kids until one day I was in business. I was going to be an on location photographer. But I had to get over “that” fear of the car. And I did. I had let go of my drivers at the age of 22 and had to redo the whole process when I was 36 for two reasons, one for my new job but two…. there was no way my 16 yr old son was going to get his drivers before me lol.
A lot has happened since then and I have grown from a caterpillar into a butterfly.
I now travel from Saskatoon to Calgary back and forth on a weekly basis. What once paralyzed me in fear is one of my greatest joys, and something that I now turn to when I am stressed, is to get on the highway and just drive. I have the loves of my life on either side of that journey between Calgary and Saskatoon.
I still get anxiety before every wedding I shoot but I now feel that anxiety fuels me to do my very best and it drives me to be the artist I am and drives my creativity in my work and has made me into who I am today. It also helps me to help others when I am taking their pictures and I can sense their stress level through my camera.
Learning to be my real self and loving it

Are you on the fence about doing maternity photos? | Saskatoon Maternity Photographers

I never felt comfortable in my own skin… even today I question it all the time…
But especially when I was pregnant.. I felt anything but beautiful and definitely in no way sexy..
I have a lot of moms that hesitate about doing maternity pictures.. A LOT! And I always tell them you don’t have to love every picture.. With my sessions you get the digital files and you don’t have to print any of them but you still have them because one day when your kids are way beyond babies you will remember with fondness that special time in your life when it was just you and your baby in an intimate secret world. That intimate time that only you could be a part of with baby.
I always tell clients you won’t regret taking the pictures you will only regret not taking them because once baby arrives.. well you can’t just put a pillow under your shirt and take pretend photos. Well I guess you could but that is just it they would be “pretend”
So here are some photos of various sessions with various ideas for maternity photos.
Some women want sexy photos , Some want outdoors, some want no bare belly shots and some want it all!
We can make all of them happen you just have to trust me:)

The sky is the limit with your maternity session and you can add it onto any of the newborn packages at a very special low price.
Don’t deny yourself something that you may truly regret later.
Take care

Black and White Newborn Photography | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

Sometimes taking the colour out of the photo gives the viewer a no distractions perfect look at the subject..
This little man gave me perfect eye contact for his awake pictures and was a perfect little model for his sleeping poses too!
It’s been a while hasn’t it?

And a couple of colour ones too :)

Nischay | Saskatoon Newborn Photography

I was pretty spoiled in spring with perfect little babies! There was a one week stretch where they all slept like angels!
That is very very
I do find this to be very interesting though that babies born around the same time have very similar characteristics of either being all very jumpy / startly or don’t want their hands touched at all or wide awake or sleepy. It is really neat and probably they have done science experiments on it.

Saskatoon Newborn Photographer | Cohen

Cohen was a dream baby and it was so neat to be welcomed into his home again after I photographed his big sister just about a year ago for her newborn session. Mommy has her hands full now with a boy and a girl!
They will grow up to be the best of friends and get into lots of trouble together lol!

Saskatoon Newborn Photographer | Everly

I was so lucky to capture this beautiful little girl and her big sister at her newborn photography session.. It was a very long day and it took til the end of the day before the house finally got to the temperature I and the babies love… And then Finally little Everly gave up her stay awake fight and went to sleep.
Her big sister waited all day long for her special picture with the baby and when it was time we got some very amazing ones!
Thanks so much to mommy for her patience and also to big sister too!

Saskatoon Newborn Photography | Michael

Little Michael was an angel for his session after the business of the morning was done.. The health nurse had come for a visit and well little ones get a wee tad angry at those visits lol..
But that probably helped wear him out so he was a sleepy little guy for us!

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Saskatoon please check out my work as well at

Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Emilio

When I showed up at this session I saw daddy’s fireman equipment and my ideas started to just fly out in my mind… Unfortunately Emilio wasn’t as excited about having all these ideas take place. We got amazing pictures with daddy as well as on his own with his own little fireman outfit!

Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Brady

I couldn’t believe how advanced Brady’s big brother was at our session and how into the whole game of hockey he was.. What fun it will be for him to teach his little brother all the tricks when he is a little older!

Amptyn | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

It was a pretty warm spring day when I went out to the acreage for this session out by Pike Lake. It was pretty neat as on the way back into Saskatoon the trees had really begun to bloom with leaves.. Sometimes you have to get away from the city to really see nature at its best.