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Forever Captured Photography bio picture

 I am Sheila, the photographer at Forever Captured Photography. I am a newborn photographer in Saskatoon sk as well as a Calgary Newborn Photographer.

I am a mom to four boys and one girl.. We have a house full of love and chaos. I have a love for Pepsi Max and a weakness for chocolate swirl cheesecake.

My style of photography leans to an artistic and dramatic side which creates works of arts out of the portraits I create that make them timeless and have created strong emotional feelings when they have been viewed.

The main focus of my photography is Newborn Photography. There is something special that happens at newborn sessions.. a sense of calm. It takes time, experience, patience and love to capture newborns.

As a mom of five and after photographing over 100 newborns I am confident we will capture amazing images of your precious baby.

Thank you for considering Forever Captured Photography to capture your moments...

Take care


 Forever Captured Photography specializes in Newborn and Wedding Fine Art Photography.

To book a session please call 306-221-5290
Serving the Saskatoon, Sk and Calgary AB areas

Nischay | Saskatoon Newborn Photography

I was pretty spoiled in spring with perfect little babies! There was a one week stretch where they all slept like angels!
That is very very
I do find this to be very interesting though that babies born around the same time have very similar characteristics of either being all very jumpy / startly or don’t want their hands touched at all or wide awake or sleepy. It is really neat and probably they have done science experiments on it.

Saskatoon Newborn Photographer | Cohen

Cohen was a dream baby and it was so neat to be welcomed into his home again after I photographed his big sister just about a year ago for her newborn session. Mommy has her hands full now with a boy and a girl!
They will grow up to be the best of friends and get into lots of trouble together lol!

Saskatoon Newborn Photographer | Everly

I was so lucky to capture this beautiful little girl and her big sister at her newborn photography session.. It was a very long day and it took til the end of the day before the house finally got to the temperature I and the babies love… And then Finally little Everly gave up her stay awake fight and went to sleep.
Her big sister waited all day long for her special picture with the baby and when it was time we got some very amazing ones!
Thanks so much to mommy for her patience and also to big sister too!

Saskatoon Newborn Photography | Michael

Little Michael was an angel for his session after the business of the morning was done.. The health nurse had come for a visit and well little ones get a wee tad angry at those visits lol..
But that probably helped wear him out so he was a sleepy little guy for us!

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Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Emilio

When I showed up at this session I saw daddy’s fireman equipment and my ideas started to just fly out in my mind… Unfortunately Emilio wasn’t as excited about having all these ideas take place. We got amazing pictures with daddy as well as on his own with his own little fireman outfit!

Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Brady

I couldn’t believe how advanced Brady’s big brother was at our session and how into the whole game of hockey he was.. What fun it will be for him to teach his little brother all the tricks when he is a little older!

Amptyn | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

It was a pretty warm spring day when I went out to the acreage for this session out by Pike Lake. It was pretty neat as on the way back into Saskatoon the trees had really begun to bloom with leaves.. Sometimes you have to get away from the city to really see nature at its best.

Bella & Cohen | Saskatoon Baby Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

Bella was having a rough teething day when I came to see her around 9 mths … She wasn’t too happy to sit and smile for me but we got some gorgeous pictures despite that.
Cohen arrived later that month so I went back to see him too… Bella remembered me I think and she didn’t look to impressed to see that that lady was back again lol.. but we left her alone with Grandpa and Aunty and she had a wonderful day!

I love to see babies throughout their first year.. It is so amazing to see how much they have grown in that time. I do have very special pricing if you decide to capture your baby’s first year with Forever Captured Photography.. Please feel free to email me with your request or questions for more information

Jacob | Saskatoon Newborn Photography | Forever Captured Photography

It’s always important to capture the sibling and family along with the baby at your newborn session but sometimes the siblings just really want nothing to do with having that done.. Which is understandable from my side… First a new creature has come in and invaded the space lol and taken over the attention that the sibling/s used to have all to themselves.. then there are all sorts of other people coming through to say hi to the new creature… and then I come over and with my camera and light and all my props and this family of the sibling expects the sibling to be all smiles… I understand that I am a stranger and it would be hard to smile for me lol.. I was a very shy child myself so I can see it from their point of view…
Alas we did get a couple from this session although it was hard work.. I do want to stress that at these sessions the main focus is on the baby and we will spend a bit of time attempting the sibling picture but if it is not working we move on as it is wasting precious sleeping time and capturing time of the baby if we are fighting with a screaming child :)
But I must also mention that some 2 yr olds have been absolutely amazing for their sibling shots and I have struggled with 4 yr olds or older… you just never know..

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Zoey | Kindersley Newborn Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

I always kind of worry when I travel for sessions about what I will do if it doesn’t go well? I need not have worried with this little one she was a perfect angel and so were her brother and sister.. Very well behaved kids it was amazing! Maybe my kids could learn a bit from this lol!