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Category Archives: Saskatoon Teen Photography

Creative Minds | Saskatoon Grad Photographers

My niche and first and foremost love is newborns hands down.. But I also love doing teens as well. I love that with this session my creativity juices were allowed to flow. We got so many amazing pictures from our time together. Paige wants to be a photographer one day too and from looking on...

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Reach For the Stars | Saskatoon Grad Photography

I remember high school even though it was many many moons ago. I remember not trying and not caring about my grades or what I was learning from it. I also remember right after graduating and thinking now what am I going to do?
I had dreams as a teenager that one day I would own...

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Robert | Grad | Saskatoon Grad Photographer

I have photographed his two brothers before him and now it was his turn and he had about as much enthusiasm as his brothers for his session… lol
But he rocked it and entertained us the whole time!! He should be a model!!

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Lauren | Grad | Saskatoon Grad Photographers

Lauren was a natural in front of the the camera and from what I learned in our short time together she has a huge heart and is a pretty amazing young woman!

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Bitterly Cold but So Beautiful…/ Family Photographers Saskatoon

When we made the arrangements for this session I forgot to even look at the weather forecast…. it was definately a wee bit chilly on this morning… Bitterly Chilly lol
But we made it through and got some beautiful images in the process!

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All in the Family… / Saskatoon-Family-Photographers

Just loved all the red hair in this family… Although I seem to have shown a lot of black and whites lol

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A Father’s Love / Family Photographers in Saskatoon

This dad is super close to his daughters and honors them with love and respect.
It was an awesome time capturing this session with him and the girls!

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The Perfect Time / Saskatoon Family Photographers

This setting and the weather could not have been more perfect for this session!

And My fave so far!

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Remember When…./ Saskatoon Family Photographers

This session was in celebration of 50 years together! WOW that is an incredible feat and sadly rare these days… This couple has a lot to celebrate of their love.. their children and their grandchildren!!

Here is a link to the slideshow…
50 Years Celebration

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Tom /Grad Photographer Saskatoon

We went out and shot these a couple of evngs ago.. I think it went pretty awesome and we finished up in plenty of time for him to enjoy the rest of the evng with his friends!
The mosquitos at some points were insane. But we survived!

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