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Category Archives: Regina Wedding Photography

The Perfect Day - A Love Story | Steinbach Wedding Photographer

I grew up in Manitoba and never actually liked to go back to visit. You know those hometown feelings when you felt you never really belonged or fit in? I have as of late had more of a desire to go home now that I realize how precious family can be and how long time...

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Max & Patrick’s Wedding | Saskatoon Wedding Photography

I loved everything about this couple, the love that they share for each other as well as everyone around them…. Gentleness and kindness and compassion are all part of their package
And at the reception when Patrick’s dad gave his speech and told his son how very proud of him he was… was a very...

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Max & Patrick | Saskatoon Engagement Photographers

I loved this couple they are so sweet, genuine and totally in love with each other. We met and did an evng session and caught the sun setting for their last photos… They turned out absolutely beautiful!!

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Tarek & Shirlene | Wedding | Calgary|Saskatoon Wedding Photographer

It was dark and overcast through the morning and early afternoon but as soon as the ceremony was over the sun was beaming on this beautiful couple and their special day!

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Tarek & Shirlene -Engaged / Calgary Wedding Photographers

It was pouring rain about an hour before our session so we were lucky to have our session that evng.. They were so photogenic and have a beautiful connection

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Remember When…./ Saskatoon Family Photographers

This session was in celebration of 50 years together! WOW that is an incredible feat and sadly rare these days… This couple has a lot to celebrate of their love.. their children and their grandchildren!!

Here is a link to the slideshow…
50 Years Celebration

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The Day After Session sneak peek / Wedding Photographers in Saskatoon

As promised here is a bit more of a peek into what we did during this day after session..
I love this couple and they were so easy to work with!!

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The Day After Sessions / Saskatoon Wedding Photographers

We have absolutely no control over the day of a wedding… no control over the weather… sometimes circumstances.. or a lot of other things.
In all my wedding packages a Day After Session is included complimentary… for these such occasions… there may not be time… there may not be the weather… there may not be other...

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Rainy Day Did Not Keep the Passion Away / Saskatoon Wedding Photography

I was certainly kept on my toes during this wedding… the weather… in a firehall as the guys got called out …exciting day! Artistic and completely unique one of a kind wedding images!
This couple was so cool with the fact that it happen to be pouring on their wedding day and she was all for...

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Enchanting Evening…/wedding photographers in Saskatoon

It takes a bit of a math equation and a science to get the dates right for all of us to be in Saskatoon at the same time.
Luck would have it I was coming back early for a wedding the next day so I was able to arrange to do their engagement session the evng...

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