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Category Archives: Calgary Family Photography

Saskatoon Newborn Photographer |Sometimes….

Some days when things are quiet all around I contemplate…
Should I be doing something else?
Then I have a sweet newborn arrive at my studio and is placed in my arms….. And I am complete.
I can’t put it into words because it is totally a feeling. An emotion too..Peace love and contentment

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Oh My Goodness | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

Big sister is not even two years old and so so very proud of her new baby sister. She was the light of the day and continuously put a smile on my face.
Baby sister did make me work at the beginning and she finally really settled in towards the middle of our session. I absolutely...

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Then And Now | Saskatoon Photographers

It is amazing how time flies in your own life but also in your clients lives! I met this girl when she was a feisty and spunky 7 yr old…WOW Has she grown up but in some ways amazingly still looks the same. She is 16 now..
For her birthday she wanted a photo session. I...

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Stolen | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

The other day I made the big announcement that I am going to be a grandma.. Wow that is a big word and large pants to fill.. Just hearing it.
My son and his girl were over that day as we took pictures and then she came back that evng.. That day I wasn’t feeling the...

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Creative Minds | Saskatoon Grad Photographers

My niche and first and foremost love is newborns hands down.. But I also love doing teens as well. I love that with this session my creativity juices were allowed to flow. We got so many amazing pictures from our time together. Paige wants to be a photographer one day too and from looking on...

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My Daughter Hates Me And Other Stories they don’t tell you before you have kids | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Tonight my daughter hates me.. I called my mom tonight to check in and see how she was feeling and she asked how I was… And I replied, well Katie hates me… And she said you hated me plenty of times too… Yup I remembered and it took til my first child was about 13...

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Saskatoon Newborn Photography | Michael

Little Michael was an angel for his session after the business of the morning was done.. The health nurse had come for a visit and well little ones get a wee tad angry at those visits lol..
But that probably helped wear him out so he was a sleepy little guy for us!

If you are looking...

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Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Brady

I couldn’t believe how advanced Brady’s big brother was at our session and how into the whole game of hockey he was.. What fun it will be for him to teach his little brother all the tricks when he is a little older!

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Samuel | Newborn Photography in Saskatoon

Samuel had ideas of his own for his session but we got some incredible photos. Mommy wanted more connection photos with his older twin brother and sister and mommy and daddy!
I really love this one we got with his protector and big brother!

If you are interested in having a newborn photography session in Saskatoon or...

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Oliver | Newborn Photographers Saskatoon

Little (big) Oliver arrived on Boxing Day and he was a big boy especially for being a first baby! Mommy handled it like a champ and we had an awesome session!
For the last while all the babies wanted to be awake and just not settling and I was actually feeling discouraged and wondering why my...

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