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Category Archives: Saskatoon Children's Photographers

Miller | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

I loved working with mommy on Miller’s session. She was a great assistant and it was almost like she could read what I was going to do next and anticipated it.

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Neve | Saskatchewan Newborn Photographer

I travel all over Saskatchewan to meet and photograph new little babies..
Neve brought me out to Dinsmore and I did feel at one point in my trip that I was in the middle of nowhere. On the way back I tried to be a tourist in Outlook and check out the walking bridge but...

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Oliver | Newborn Photographers Saskatoon

Little (big) Oliver arrived on Boxing Day and he was a big boy especially for being a first baby! Mommy handled it like a champ and we had an awesome session!
For the last while all the babies wanted to be awake and just not settling and I was actually feeling discouraged and wondering why my...

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Cold Blustery Family Time | Saskatoon Family Photographers

It was mild in temperature but the wind with windchill made up for our family time outside… But we all braved it and got the shots we needed for our Christmas Mini Session.
The gallery is up for them to see!!

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Azriel | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

Azriel wanted mommy and mommy only during our sessions… We did manage to get some sleepy shots but they were hard fought lol … I have to say she is probably now to date the most stubborn baby to get to sleep… Everytime I thought YES she is sleeping her eyes would pop open again...

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West | Stettler Newborn Photography

The night before our session it snowed quite a bit and so the journey from Calgary to Stettler was a little unknown for me and a little worrisome as I saw a few cars in the ditch along the way… It was a bitter wind when I arrived and we quickly unloaded my ton of...

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It was Nasty Outside | Saskatoon Family Photography

Sometimes you just make things work no matter what. It was pretty nasty and I actually wouldn’t have minded staying home and having pizza and watching a movie instead of being outside in the ice, rain and snow that seem to be occurring on this day but mom said they were brave and would...

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Becca and Mommy | Saskatoon Family Photography

I got to know Becca’s mommy just around the time Mommy found out little Becca was on her way… I have had a few sessions with mommy and Becca already!!
She is the cutest little button ever!!

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Family Time in Fall | Calgary Family Photographers

This session was taken in Calgary where I have really gotten to know this family! I did the youngest’s newborn pictures and then we did a family session a year ago.. It was fun to reconnect and see how they have grown as well!
It was a bit of a challenge to get the kids to...

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Schurko Family | Saskatoon Family Photographers

As the year is coming to an end I am trying hopelessly to catch up a bit on my blogging.. I used to be so on top of it and will vow to be better in the new year with it!
The mommy in this family is a photographer as well and so it is fun...

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