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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Raindrops were Falling on Our Heads

The rain was dropping and the wind was blowing!I am so happy that we stuck it out and did the quickest session ever!Driving to our location the drops started falling.The closer I got the more there were.This happy couple were good sports and we quickly worked. The little one that is coming is going to...

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Introducing Intimate Sessions for Women

Forever Captured Photography is going to be introducing intimate/boudoir sessions for women.I put a call out in my newsletter for volunteers and these two ladies came forward.We had a great time, lots of laughs , a relaxing atmosphere and all was good!I am still looking for a couple of more volunteers so if you are...

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A Lifetime of Love

They met as kids and played and rode bikes together. Hung around the same circles through school but waited till school was done to start the romance of a lifetime.A perfect match I would say!Yesterday morning rain threatened but it was a now or never situation and on we went.Saskatoon has a special meaning to...

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Moments Like This

Last night was cloudy.Too cloudy lol. So we worked with the lighting we had and had fun while we did.This couple was so easy going and let me do crazy experiments and just play!It was kind of funny in the middle of our session a mommy duck and her brood of ducklings came along to...

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Miracles…. Do you believe?

I have always believed in miracles. And I got to be with two of them last night.Mom was told she would never have babies but got doubly blessed in less than a year.The littlest one was born very early and spent some time at the hospital before coming home. It isn’t even his due date...

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It was an adventure

Strange man on the side of the road, trail closed, chased by a dog and to end the evng I lost my keys when we were out in the country… I had already called hubby to come rescue us when I finally found the keys sitting on my windshield wipers.This sweet couple met in England...

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