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Monthly Archives: February 2009

A Newborn Slideshow

Newborn sessions are my passion. As well as the Maternity moments before baby arrives.
The bonus is I come to you! You don’t even have to leave home.
Here is a peek into a typical session and the incredible images that you come away with.

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Long Awaited Precious One

If only you knew how precious you really are.
Each baby is so very precious. The tiny fingers and tiny toes are such a miracle and such a gift.
Treasure these precious moments for they are quickly gone.
I hope everyone slept well that night!

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Who’s The Boss?

We certainly ran the session around the little man in charge!
But with him being such a cute little sweetheart we didn’t mind…
He did really well seeing as we were kind of interrupting his nap time. He let us know his favorite spots in the house and snap we got some awesome pictures!

And an addition to...

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A Moment in Time

When I was thinking of a name for this company A Moment In Time is what I really wanted to name it. For moments exactly like this.
Small precious moments like these.
This little sweetie was a busy little girl and kept us on our toes as she laughed with glee while we sucked in our breath...

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A Note To Myself

Dear Self and all that are seeking advice….
Don’t drive down a driveway and try to dial a phone at the same time. You may end up stuck…
Yes this happened to me…
I sheepishly had to walk back and ask for help to get me out..
I had a good time shooting this session. Mom to be was...

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Family is everything!
This is what mom said to me at the end of the session.
You may notice in my posts I do talk a lot about love and family. It is because while I am at your session I often sit back and observe the interactions going on between people. I often smile to myself...

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I could not ask for anything more

I arrived and the babies were already sleeping. And they basically slept for the next two hrs as we worked.
I kept saying over and over it has NEVER gone this smoothly before lol.
I must say after a week of growth and learning that things are going much more smoothly now. I learnt some tricks from...

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Hush Little Baby

Go to sleep…
This little guy was a light sleeper and so it took some work to get him down for the count. But once we did we worked efficiently and the results are amazing!
I hope mom and dad got a good sleep and so did the little one after I left from our late night.

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The anticipation of an upcoming baby is such an exciting time in the awaiting mom and dad’s life.
The last few maternities I have done each have decided to wait till baby arrives to find out what they are having.
I never had that patience lol, if I could find out I was there chocolate bar eaten...

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Baby Whisperer

After hearing about mom’s labor story even I was cringing on how long she was in labor. After 36 hrs this little one came busting into the world to welcoming arms of mommy and daddy.
The little man is having a time learning to eat and is crying for mom and dad and wearing them a...

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