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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Bentley - 4 days / Newborn Photographers In Saskatoon

Daddy and I did all the posing during this session… I wish I would have videoed the moment mom walked in and traded places with daddy…
I honestly believe that having mommy close by during the session can sometimes cause baby to want to eat a lot more during our time together…With mommy out of the...

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Carter is One! / Cake Smash Photographer in Saskatoon

I photographed Carter for the first time when he was a wee little boy of 2 wks of age… Then he entered into my baby planner program and we saw each other 3 more times at 4 months 7 months and 1 year…
He never really gave me a smile but this session went awesome.. he...

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Sawyer 10 days / Saskatoon Photographers Newborns

Sometimes a session just goes smoothly… things just flow and creation is easy of amazing images..This session was that… You as clients have no idea how you touch me… this couple just really touched me in a special way.. Often I say I just can’t explain when I say something… this is one of those...

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Ava - 10 days / Saskatoon Baby Photographers

When mom contacted me that she was about to have another baby I was over the moon excited! I love it so much when a previous client returns!!
In her email she mentioned she wanted to honour her mom ( grandma ) in some way… so together we made a plan and set out to accomplish...

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A little about what I do and why.. Saskatoon Newborn Magazine

I love what I do and I am always so excited when I know I have a newborn session coming up. I love what I have and will create for the families that trust me and allow my creative juices to flow.
I made this online magazine to share with you a little about what I...

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Carter 6 days / Calgary Photography Newborns

3 yrs ago I met a little sweet baby named Tommy… I have talked about Tommy at a lot of my sessions… you see Tommy didn’t want to sleep for his photo session and it was a battle of the wills between Tommy and I… That was the first time I had ever picked up...

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Ruby / Saskatoon Photography for Newborns

This little princess is 3 wks old… We got some amazing shots today…. I am so pleased with the one with her sister!!!!

Just adding this one…

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Saskatoon Photographers Newborn / Preston 5 days new

You would never know that 30 min before I was suppose to leave I was missing my remote for my light… in a panic I called one of my friend’s messaged mommy of my session to see if they had one… and messaged the mommy of my last session in Calgary if I had left...

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Are you my client…. Am I the photographer for you? / Saskatoon Newborn Photography

About 3 to 4 years ago Newborn Photography was very unique… cutting edge and new… It has grown in popularity which is awesome! But it has also grown in popularity as an occupation!
I have looked around at a lot of my fellow newborn photographers here in my city as well as all over Canada and...

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Londyn - Calgary Photography for Newborns

I shot mommy and daddy’s wedding in 2009 and now they have a family with two little girls.
I was trying to do a pose in daddy’s hands with babe and big sister kept saying she doesn’t like that lol….. it was so cute..
And at one point big sister said its time for you to go...

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