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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Amptyn | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

It was a pretty warm spring day when I went out to the acreage for this session out by Pike Lake. It was pretty neat as on the way back into Saskatoon the trees had really begun to bloom with leaves.. Sometimes you have to get away from the city to really see nature at...

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Bella & Cohen | Saskatoon Baby Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

Bella was having a rough teething day when I came to see her around 9 mths … She wasn’t too happy to sit and smile for me but we got some gorgeous pictures despite that.
Cohen arrived later that month so I went back to see him too… Bella remembered me I think and she didn’t...

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Jacob | Saskatoon Newborn Photography | Forever Captured Photography

It’s always important to capture the sibling and family along with the baby at your newborn session but sometimes the siblings just really want nothing to do with having that done.. Which is understandable from my side… First a new creature has come in and invaded the space lol and taken over the attention that...

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Zoey | Kindersley Newborn Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

I always kind of worry when I travel for sessions about what I will do if it doesn’t go well? I need not have worried with this little one she was a perfect angel and so were her brother and sister.. Very well behaved kids it was amazing! Maybe my kids could learn a bit...

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Eloise & Emelia | Saskatoon Maternity & Newborn Photography | Forever Captured Photography

I am full of cheating posts tonight lol but again loving the “before and after ” posts… It was a stormy wknd in April when we did the maternity photos and I was in Calgary the day before we were scheduled to do them.. They had come in from 3 hrs away in Meadow Lake...

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Vinita | Saskatoon Maternity Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

I know this baby was due two days ago so must be coming soon! Can’t wait to find out what it is!!

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Jaimie & Aria | Saskatoon Maternity & Newborn Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

I am going to do a little cheating again and post the Maternity and Newborn pictures from their sessions together.. I think it is neat to see the “before & after” all in one!

Aria didn’t really feel like taking pictures our first visit together.. she was in a growth spurt and so we decided rather...

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Julia | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Forever Captured Photography

I don’t think Julia was quite in the mood for me the day of our photos lol but we still managed to capture some with her and her big brother and daddy and alone!

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Mya | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer | Forever Captured Photography

I met Mya’s cousin Sullivan a few weeks before and now it was Mya’s turn for her photos! I have had the privilege of taking pictures of her older brother and sister as well! I love it when I get to see families grow and they invite me back to capture their new additions!

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I didn’t want this to happen again | Saskatoon Maternity & Newborn Photography

I am going to take a wee shortcut with this post and post both the maternity and newborn pictures from these sessions. I vowed I was going to be on top of the blogging and I haven’t been. I loved this couple and their happiness and kindness to each other and to me during our...

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