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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Saskatoon Newborn Photography | Big Sister

She has waited a long time to be a big sister and the day finally has arrived.
She kept asking mom and dad when baby brother or sister was finally going to come.
She arrived a week early and she is tiny, strong and feisty!!

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Saskatoon Newborn Photographer |Sometimes….

Some days when things are quiet all around I contemplate…
Should I be doing something else?
Then I have a sweet newborn arrive at my studio and is placed in my arms….. And I am complete.
I can’t put it into words because it is totally a feeling. An emotion too..Peace love and contentment

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Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | A new Baby Brother

I remember after 3 boys how excited I was to finally finally finally have a girl.
I can imagine this family is feeling the same excitement to have a new little boy in the house after two girls..
Every family is special it really doesn’t matter whether its a boy or a girl though … We love...

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|Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Falling in Love

There is such an amazing thing that happens to your heart and your life when you are expecting a child.. You fall in love with something that you haven’t even seen or held. Its incredible and so very strong.
Then that magical day when they arrive..
You spend hours just gazing at this little wonder even...

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Saskatoon Photographers | Best Friends

Tonight one of my best friends is about to go in for a kidney transplant. We did these photos a couple of months ago and of course have always hoped for this day .
It’s kind of surreal when it happens..
Lots of prayers for him tonight and for the family who is donating.

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Saskatoon Newborn Photographers - Family is so Important

Yes you are exhausted those first weeks after baby arrives but it is so important to capture those first moments as a family.
Showing that total adoration for your partner and the beautiful baby you created together.
You are so blessed….

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Saskatoon Newborn Photographers | Windsor

I just love his name.. Sounds so royal and grown up already!
He was a gorgeous baby with a full head of hair… And he slept the entire time! That is extremely rare and so treasured when it happens!!
He had some family out from BC and a special Auntie came along to help at the session.

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So much for keeping up | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

I need to follow through on this commitment don’t I?
Does anyone still read blogs?
It’s been an incredible few months and I have loved meeting all the new special little ones..
I did a yearly slideshow and would love to share it here…
Please take a peek with a cup of your favorite beverage….
Talk soon

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