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One Of The Boys

This is one of my boys. The middle child.
I would have to say this is my quietest and shyest of all my kids. He is such a neat little guy but he hates the camera…
We can have a great conversation with awesome smiles and relaxed face but as soon as the camera goes to my eye he furrows his brow,wrinkles his forehead and squints his eyes and starts to breath funny. Poor lil guy. So I don’t torture him with a photo session much anymore. But grandma is coming in a couple of weeks and wants new pictures of the grandchildren. So over a month ago I took each one out one at at time and took their portraits and tucked them away in a folder. But I need to get at least one done of each of them for grandma’s visit.
So here is the first one I took out. Isn’t he a sweetie?

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