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Sam - 6 wks / Calgary Newborn Photographers

I got an email from mommy on a recommendation from another newborn I had done the previous week!! Love referrals :)
Mommy told me Sam was 6 wks and I knew we had to try and capture him that week before he grew any more lol…. I didn’t have much for props along so I did a little shopping and worked with what I had..
I do have to admit I was a little worried about what I would capture at this age but also viewed it as a challenge…
Well mommy was around for the first hour and then went to a birthday celebration with friends and me and dad did our job… It went AMAZING!! Sometimes when mommy kind of leaves the situation babies do amazing… the smell of mommy close by can often mean that baby just thinks its time to eat all the time lol…
This little guy did better than some of the newest of newborns..
He did poses I didn’t think were even possible at his age..

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