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Full Moon and Other Signs | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Tonight is a full moon along with today being the first day of summer. Signs are everywhere aren’t they. I am totally not a believer in horoscopes at all but I remember once driving with a friend back from Edmonton and she read me the characteristics of my “birth sign” and I thought ya ok…. But as she kept reading it really did have a lot of my characteristics down to a tee..

What I find interesting when I am doing newborn sessions and I do several babies born within the week of each other and good or bad they will often have the same characteristics be it they slept like angels the entire session ( that actually only happened once in the spring of 2015) or they all will be quite jumpy, or don’t like their hands touched or are all extremely gassy. It is quite interesting and can be a huge challenge. I remember at toward the end of 2014 I had a string of Scorpios lol and in all honesty I was truly ready to give up newborn photography. None of these babies would settle AT ALL and none of my usual tricks worked at all. I started to lose faith in myself and my capabilities.

It’s funny how that works too… if a baby is having a hard time and none of my tricks are working my common sense tells me the baby is not having it.. it’s just not a good day for them… but my inner self beats myself up a bit and says why couldn’t you do it? You have lost your touch… The mind of a perfectionist, the unfortunate part is it is always on and it’s not always nice.
With that said it’s time for bed and Happy Summer to all!!
Hopefully with the full moon all the mommies due will have quick safe deliveries tonight!


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