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My Daughter Hates Me And Other Stories they don’t tell you before you have kids | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Tonight my daughter hates me.. I called my mom tonight to check in and see how she was feeling and she asked how I was… And I replied, well Katie hates me… And she said you hated me plenty of times too… Yup I remembered and it took til my first child was about 13 ish to realize what my mom put up with with me and for me to appreciate her efforts when I was too busy hating all those years ago… Funny how it comes back to bite you… A few times.

You see tonight I didn’t have time to take her to buy a phone even though just before all this I drove all the way across the city to pick up her soccer uniform and sat in the stands for her 1 hour 2o min game to watch her team kick butt. Nope I was the bad guy because first of all I made her go to her game that she was too tired to go play in even though she played one of her best games and scored twice… And now at 10:39 pm I still hear her up in her room watching a video….

We are never going to please our children all the time and that is a good thing. We are not meant to be their friend and buddy. They need us to guide them and direct them and love them even when they hate us. And from hearing that my mom dealt with it too and now I am forever sorry I did that to her myself and one day my girl will too… Especially when she has children of her own. I will gladly remind her of these moments when she wasn’t fond of me.

Here is my princess when we did her grade eight grad pictures and she loved me a little more than she did earlier tonight lol
Love her…


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