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3 Tips to Prepare for your Newborn Photography Session | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

Newborn sessions are somewhat predictable and in some ways totally unpredictable. I have photographed over 300 newborns in my 8 yrs of experience so I am prepared for most any circumstance but as a new parent this is all totally new and unexpected.
Here are some tips to prepare for your newborn’s first photos.

Number One

Feeding schedules are off on Photo Day. Babies feed for many reasons one being they are hungry. But another reason they feed is for comfort. With posed photography there is some hands on and adjusting baby into positions and sometimes they don’t agree and get a little feisty.
Sometimes a little feed is all they need to soothe and go back into a deep sleep. For a deep sleep baby needs to be well fed with some top ups along the way.

There is no sense in rushing a feeding when baby has just started to nod off. Baby needs to be in a milk drunk deep sleep to do poses and if you rush through because you feel anxious or conscience of the time we will just start over and over and over.
It is better to do one long solid feed instead of little snacks and baby never gets into the deep sleep.


Number Two


A toasty warm atmosphere is what baby loves. When baby was still in your belly it was 36.9 for sure all the time. They were all warm and cozy in there.
So in winter we turn the heat up to at least 28 degrees and in summer on cooler days we still turn the heat up or at least have a heater in the room we are working in and on hot days turn the air conditioner off a few hours before our session.
I am typically always cold and I come to our session with a tank top prepared for the warm atmosphere. I always tell parents we want it to feel like we are in Mexico. If sweat isn’t pouring down my back it just isn’t warm enough lol.
The hotter I am the happier and smoother our session goes.


Number Three

Relax. All of these hints are very important for a successful session but I cannot stress it enough that mommy and daddy need to relax.
Babies are very intuitive and they know and feel if mommy daddy or even a photographer is stressed.
They sense it from a mile away and they will feed off of it.
And they will not relax and they will cry and not settle.
Which in turn will fuel your anxiety and it becomes a vicious circle and spirals downhill very fast.


These are just some of the hints I have for you to prepare for a successful Newborn Photography Session.
I also send you a full information booklet on what to expect and how to prepare for your newborn photography experience with Forever Captured.

Take Care

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