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The Time We Need | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Taking the time we need to nurture ourselves is often never taken. I will even ask myself at times in the midst of heavy duty editing do I really have time for a walk…a bath… or anything and then I will sit for yet another hour at the desk.
This weekend I had the honor of going up to Whitecourt AB for a wedding.
I fell in LOVE with this town and it’s decided, I want to move here.
This town really impacted me and that doesn’t happen that often.
I drove up on Friday so I was there for the rehearsal and knew where I needed to go for Saturday.
Saturday was spent shooting from 8:30 AM til 9:30 PM
Sunday I did the late checkout and left my equipment and computer in my hotel room and went on a tour.
I went to Hard Luck Canyon with my old camera and spent some time just being with me and shooting for myself.
What a beautiful place. I was actually hoping I would get to see a bear or cougar or something lol.
But what I did see was nature and natural beauty.
I really hope this summer we all take time for ourselves and just be with ourselves and nature and discovering what our world has to offer.




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