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Triple the Fun

I have 5 children as some of you know.
But I could never imagine 3 of any of them at any age.
So hats off to these little guys mommy!!She is a hero in my eyes.
These are a set of 2 yr old triplets.
My youngest is about to be 3. And in his whole second yr I tried ONCE to take his pics.
I told the trippies mom that this was going to be an adventure.
But these kids amazed me. Our session started at their house at 4. Then we went to the park and got there around 4:20.
My sessions typically last 2 hrs.
When I asked mom at the end of the session what time it was she said 5:18.
I said how can that be?
This isn’t going according to plan.
The plan was for the session to go long enough so that my husband would have to start supper before I got home. These guys were suppose to save me from cooking.
They were so well behaved and the session went so well that my plan fell through.UGH lol
Anyways here they are!!!
And they have a big brother who was a huge help to our success yesterday!!

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