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Facing Fears

I have faced a few fears since starting Forever Captured Photography.
I faced my fear of taking my drivers license. I had them years ago but when I lived in a bigger city I didn’t have a car and thought oh why bother having my drivers lol.
Big mistake. So for many years I did not have a drivers. Well my son was thinking about going for his drivers and I thought there is no way my son will have his drivers before me. The challenge was on!!
I am an on-location photographer so it makes sense that I have my drivers…
On an engagement session we thought oh how neat to do some images on the train bridge by the Weir. So there I faced my fear of heights. Then we booked a wedding with a couple that was getting married in the Radisson. ( Hi Tara & Jason) I thought when we were booking oh well I have months to get over my fear of the elevator and heights again as the room where they were getting ready were on the 18th and 19th floor. OHHH my!!!
Well the day before the wedding rehearsal there I was going up the elevator to face my fear. I did it!!!
So on wedding day we went way up up up!! And I got this image to prove to my family that I did go wayyy up and faced the fear. This image is from the 18th floor from the groom’s room.

And this image is from the bride’s room on the 19th floor. Look at the tiny people wayyy down there….

But when it was time to go down for the ceremony the elevator was stopping on every floor and filling up so by the 16th floor I think I said I can’t do this and got out with my camera backpack on my back and hiked down to the 3rd floor via the stairs lol. It is easier to go down than up lol.
Anyways I would love it if you would share a fear you have faced!!
I am going to choose a winner from the entries and there will be a prize package for the special person that wins.
Entry deadline will be December 15th.
So think about a fear you have faced and send it to me via my email

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