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Forever Captured Photography bio picture

 I am Sheila, the photographer at Forever Captured Photography. I am a newborn photographer in Saskatoon sk as well as a Calgary Newborn Photographer.

I am a mom to four boys and one girl.. We have a house full of love and chaos. I have a love for Pepsi Max and a weakness for chocolate swirl cheesecake.

My style of photography leans to an artistic and dramatic side which creates works of arts out of the portraits I create that make them timeless and have created strong emotional feelings when they have been viewed.

The main focus of my photography is Newborn Photography. There is something special that happens at newborn sessions.. a sense of calm. It takes time, experience, patience and love to capture newborns.

As a mom of five and after photographing over 100 newborns I am confident we will capture amazing images of your precious baby.

Thank you for considering Forever Captured Photography to capture your moments...

Take care


 Forever Captured Photography specializes in Newborn and Wedding Fine Art Photography.

To book a session please call 306-221-5290
Serving the Saskatoon, Sk and Calgary AB areas

For Michael - My Why | Personal | Forever Captured Photography

I rearranged my bedroom / office today. It gave time as I found items to reflect. I went through a huge personal growth week in the last couple of weeks that hugely impacted me and gave me an A-Ha lightening bolt shock to my thoughts.
You see for a while now I have been wondering what my “Why” is to why I am so passionate about Newborn Photography. During an excercise in trying to find my why it was presented with 3 questions and only one would be the “one”
That morning I read my life story I had written out and the question that affected me was What Life Altering Situation affected you so deeply. And BAM I immediately started weeping.

The tears are flowing now as I type this. I lost my second baby at 4.5 mths of pregnancy. It was a little boy and we named him Michael. I was only 22 at the time, so young, and still in my own opinion naive and innocent.

It was quite a traumatic experience that I still haven’t forgotten 24 years later. When I lost him I was afraid to look at him as I was scared that I would have nightmares for the rest of my life if I did. I won’t go into the details here.
All I know is if I could turn back time oh the things I would do. I would look at him, for heaven’s sake I would hold him and kiss his tiny face and hold his teeny fingers. I think in a way all these years I have been ashamed of myself that I hadn’t.
I feel I didn’t honor him as much as I could have.
I had two friends who gave me a little flower basket that I still have and it has come with me through 5 moves in Calgary and 7 moves In Steinbach and 8 moves in Saskatoon. It has been to 3 provinces and 20 moves. That is how precious this little keepsake memory is to me. Its ALL I have of him.
I am forever grateful to them for gifting me with it all those years ago. Thank you!!

We don’t know how much time we have with each other and a little fresh baby is so precious and deserves to be honored and captured in their dear and sweet innocence and with that moving forward each session will be done in honor of my precious little boy named Michael. He was born on my mom’s birthday and he was due on Christmas day.

Such significance and so many special days that keep him forever in my memory.

Know that when you are trusting me to capture your newborn that I am shooting your session with all my heart and I want it to be perfectly captured and give you beautiful keepsake pictures of your precious little one.



The Time We Need | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Taking the time we need to nurture ourselves is often never taken. I will even ask myself at times in the midst of heavy duty editing do I really have time for a walk…a bath… or anything and then I will sit for yet another hour at the desk.
This weekend I had the honor of going up to Whitecourt AB for a wedding.
I fell in LOVE with this town and it’s decided, I want to move here.
This town really impacted me and that doesn’t happen that often.
I drove up on Friday so I was there for the rehearsal and knew where I needed to go for Saturday.
Saturday was spent shooting from 8:30 AM til 9:30 PM
Sunday I did the late checkout and left my equipment and computer in my hotel room and went on a tour.
I went to Hard Luck Canyon with my old camera and spent some time just being with me and shooting for myself.
What a beautiful place. I was actually hoping I would get to see a bear or cougar or something lol.
But what I did see was nature and natural beauty.
I really hope this summer we all take time for ourselves and just be with ourselves and nature and discovering what our world has to offer.




The first baby | Saskatoon Maternity Photographer

Happy Canada Day!!
Hope everyone enjoyed Canada Day!! I am in Whitecourt Alberta for a wedding tomorrow and what a stunning venue. Now onto the subject of my title lol

A lot of my couples have a fur baby that is their first baby in the family. A lot of these fur babies have been with the couple for many years and are a treasured part of their family!
I didn’t grow up with animals so sometimes I feel awkward around animals but as long as they are well trained I am all for including them into your maternity session.
That is one of the wonderful benefits of being on location and being able to incorporate your special fur baby into our session.
So with some treats and a little patience we got some amazing shots at these maternity sessions.




3 Tips to Prepare for your Newborn Photography Session | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

Newborn sessions are somewhat predictable and in some ways totally unpredictable. I have photographed over 300 newborns in my 8 yrs of experience so I am prepared for most any circumstance but as a new parent this is all totally new and unexpected.
Here are some tips to prepare for your newborn’s first photos.

Number One

Feeding schedules are off on Photo Day. Babies feed for many reasons one being they are hungry. But another reason they feed is for comfort. With posed photography there is some hands on and adjusting baby into positions and sometimes they don’t agree and get a little feisty.
Sometimes a little feed is all they need to soothe and go back into a deep sleep. For a deep sleep baby needs to be well fed with some top ups along the way.

There is no sense in rushing a feeding when baby has just started to nod off. Baby needs to be in a milk drunk deep sleep to do poses and if you rush through because you feel anxious or conscience of the time we will just start over and over and over.
It is better to do one long solid feed instead of little snacks and baby never gets into the deep sleep.


Number Two


A toasty warm atmosphere is what baby loves. When baby was still in your belly it was 36.9 for sure all the time. They were all warm and cozy in there.
So in winter we turn the heat up to at least 28 degrees and in summer on cooler days we still turn the heat up or at least have a heater in the room we are working in and on hot days turn the air conditioner off a few hours before our session.
I am typically always cold and I come to our session with a tank top prepared for the warm atmosphere. I always tell parents we want it to feel like we are in Mexico. If sweat isn’t pouring down my back it just isn’t warm enough lol.
The hotter I am the happier and smoother our session goes.


Number Three

Relax. All of these hints are very important for a successful session but I cannot stress it enough that mommy and daddy need to relax.
Babies are very intuitive and they know and feel if mommy daddy or even a photographer is stressed.
They sense it from a mile away and they will feed off of it.
And they will not relax and they will cry and not settle.
Which in turn will fuel your anxiety and it becomes a vicious circle and spirals downhill very fast.


These are just some of the hints I have for you to prepare for a successful Newborn Photography Session.
I also send you a full information booklet on what to expect and how to prepare for your newborn photography experience with Forever Captured.

Take Care

Then And Now | Saskatoon Photographers

It is amazing how time flies in your own life but also in your clients lives! I met this girl when she was a feisty and spunky 7 yr old…WOW Has she grown up but in some ways amazingly still looks the same. She is 16 now..
For her birthday she wanted a photo session. I was the chosen photographer. What an honour. I sincerely hope that she was pleased with the results… Sometimes it is scary to be under the opinion of a teenager.
They took me to this awesome location that I think would be absolutely amazing on a cloudy day. Of course for our session we had full on sunlight lol.. Always some kind of challenge but she rocked it! We did several outfit changes and several locations within this location.
Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these beautiful pictures for you Paige! You were amazing!



Stolen | Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

The other day I made the big announcement that I am going to be a grandma.. Wow that is a big word and large pants to fill.. Just hearing it.
My son and his girl were over that day as we took pictures and then she came back that evng.. That day I wasn’t feeling the best as I was fighting something coming on..So I didn’t do my routine of locking my car door before bed and sometime in the night someone decided it was ok to open my car door and rifle through my belongings and take something that wasn’t theirs. They stole my wallet with all my ID along with an old phone that had all my pictures along with my music for road trips on it. I just don’t understand how someone can feel good about the rest of their day knowing they destroyed someone else’s.
So the next day I had to go around and try and apply for new cards everywhere but each had to be in the right order to make it happen. I first had to wait for the bank so that I could pay for a new driver’s card…
Although it was a big hassle and ruined a bit of my trust factor I can tell you one thing …. It didn’t steal my joy for photographing the little people.. The little ones that always bring a smile to my face… And joy to my heart and make my day…Newborns


Creative Minds | Saskatoon Grad Photographers

My niche and first and foremost love is newborns hands down.. But I also love doing teens as well. I love that with this session my creativity juices were allowed to flow. We got so many amazing pictures from our time together. Paige wants to be a photographer one day too and from looking on her wall in her bedroom she is going to be amazing at it!
We first met when she was about 7 yrs old and she had a fashion sense all her own back then already. She was feisty and full of spunk and she is turning into a fine young woman. She just got her first job and life is moving on quickly like it seems to do for all of us.
Thank you for allowing me this time together again and I really hope we meet again for your grad session!
Enjoy these gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl!




Secret Keeper | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

I am the worst secret keeper ever.. Even with Christmas and birthdays I want to give the presents right after I buy them.. I have been keeping a secret for 7 wks… That is a huge record for me!
Around January I think a few worlds are going to change.. Most importantly it will be my oldest son’s and his wife to be…
I was never in a hurry for this moment to happen because I didn’t want to admit I had ever aged beyond 19 lol… But then when my friends from high school who all had babies after me started having grandchildren even then I was like heh, not ready…
But around 5 or so months ago whenever Miranda would call I would always ask is there something you want to tell me?? And it was always no….until the day before Mother’s day….
As I am on this journey of loving myself I have been doing a lot of thinking.. I always over think everything. But there is something really surreal when you enter into the realm of this new path… The thought of a second generation having a piece of you involved in their makeup… Its pretty cool.
I am super excited for this new change in their lives and can’t wait to be a part of it.. Thinking thoughts like am I going to be overbearing… not involved enough…taking too many pictures…. giving too much or too little advice… The worry never ends its just a new chapter of it.
Congratulations guys!!!




Are you looking for someone to capture a cute pregnancy announcement for you? It is complimentary with your booked Maternity and Newborn combined package..

My Daughter Hates Me And Other Stories they don’t tell you before you have kids | Saskatoon Newborn Photographer

Tonight my daughter hates me.. I called my mom tonight to check in and see how she was feeling and she asked how I was… And I replied, well Katie hates me… And she said you hated me plenty of times too… Yup I remembered and it took til my first child was about 13 ish to realize what my mom put up with with me and for me to appreciate her efforts when I was too busy hating all those years ago… Funny how it comes back to bite you… A few times.

You see tonight I didn’t have time to take her to buy a phone even though just before all this I drove all the way across the city to pick up her soccer uniform and sat in the stands for her 1 hour 2o min game to watch her team kick butt. Nope I was the bad guy because first of all I made her go to her game that she was too tired to go play in even though she played one of her best games and scored twice… And now at 10:39 pm I still hear her up in her room watching a video….

We are never going to please our children all the time and that is a good thing. We are not meant to be their friend and buddy. They need us to guide them and direct them and love them even when they hate us. And from hearing that my mom dealt with it too and now I am forever sorry I did that to her myself and one day my girl will too… Especially when she has children of her own. I will gladly remind her of these moments when she wasn’t fond of me.

Here is my princess when we did her grade eight grad pictures and she loved me a little more than she did earlier tonight lol
Love her…


Worried about Your Maternity Session | Saskatoon Maternity Photographer

Who has a closet full of stylish dresses when they are pregnant? I have more stylish clothes for maternity sessions now than I ever did when I was pregnant. I may have actually only had one dress and I looked like a house in it lol…
I was never a cute pregnant lady….Ever. Tried 5 times and not once was cute my thing.
I have been shopping and adding to the selections I have for a small to medium sized mommy to be.
Do you know where I found them all? At Urban Planet.. You don’t always have to shop at Maternity Stores to get beautiful clothes for your growing belly. :)
I have made a gallery of pictures that you can find on my Facebook page at
Maternity Gallery
And I will share a few here as well. I was very lucky to meet this mommy to be who is new to Saskatoon and was so generous to model for me. Her little boy came just a few weeks later.